Tired of scrubbing grout lines and tile floors?

We can help!

Cleaning Concierge detailed process can rejuvenate your tile surfaces.

Our process to professionally steam clean tile and grout surfaces

  1. Pre-condition the area to be cleaned.

  • We  use professionally cleaning agents designed to attack soils, grease and contaminates. This solution dwells for 15 minutes on the floor to dissolve soils and contaminants. Our cleaning solutions do not produce any harmful fumes.

2. Power scrubbing. The next step is to scrub your floor, grout lines and all. This allows the cleaning agents to work deeper into the grout lines to lift the soils out of the pores.

3. High pressure steam rinse. Our pressure washing tools are designed specifically for indoor use on tile & grout, natural stone, acrylic and epoxy surfaces. Our truck-mounted extraction system power washes the surface to blast away soils while vacuuming away the water and soils. The system generates water pressure up to 1,500 P.S.I and water temperatures up to 230 degrees to power through soils.

4. Remove excess water. Place air movers to speed dry the floor. During this step, we inspect the floor and perform any needed spot cleaning of remaining stains. Stains from (red wine, mustard, dye, etc) may not be removed due to dyeing the grout.

5. Seal the floor. The final step in the cleaning process is to apply a clear, impregnating sealer to floor. This creates a barrier between the pores of the grout lines and soils, water and contaminates to prevent future staining. The sealer does not change the appearance of the floor.


30 day no spill guarantee

Spots and spills will not return after Cleaning Concierge has cleaned your floors.