What to look for in a commercial water extraction and restoration company

Water damage in commercial buildings is so prevalent that a business owner or manager cannot risk not having a reputable company in the address book. The only problem is that sifting through the all the available options to get the right one can seem daunting. Some of the features that any commercial water extraction and restoration company must have include:
1. Ability to handle different types of water damage
The company you opt for should be able to address flooding from:
Damaged plumbing – Things like clogged drains, burst pipes etc. can cause a lot of damage to the building itself and even expensive equipment contained therein, especially if the damage happens with little notice and a lot of water gets released. On the other hand, slow leaks can cause problems that arise from too much humidity e.g. mold, rotting of wooden fittings etc. A good company should know how to handle such damages and how to avoid associated consequences. When looking through a company’s website, look for services like mold removal, dehumidification and the like.
Flooding – This is of particular importance if you live in rainy regions. Water from bad weather can cause catastrophic immediate and long term damage to a building’s structure along with anything else along the flood’s path. A good restoration company will therefore have extensive experience on how to handle such events. Aside from disaster management, they should preferably have a way to provide emergency power so that business activity can proceed uninterrupted or with minimal delay.

2. Easy to work with
The last thing you want in the event of water damage is to spend hours trying to get in touch with the water extraction company. Your company of choice should have contact options like phone lines reserved for emergencies, contact forms on the website to schedule extractions and restorations, easy to remember email addresses etc. The company should also have a very short response time. This is because an experienced company will know just how serious water damage can be and will therefore have a way to get to the site in the shortest time possible.
Moreover, go for a company that’s on call 24/7, that serves your area and a proven track record of delivering even in extremely serious conditions. All this should be easily seen on the website since any reputable company will want to showcase their past work and how easy it is to work with them.

3. Highly trained staff
A water extraction company is only as good as its staff. You should therefore pay special attention to the kind of training the staff receives. A reputable company will pride itself on the fact that staff is not only highly qualified from the get go but that they have well equipped in-house training facilities that keep personnel, inspectors, technicians, cleaners and managers up to speed with the latest technologies in the field.

4. Positive and easily verifiable client reviews
This is something you must not overlook because real reviews cannot be faked. You should carefully read through all the reviews to make sure that not only do they handle the kind of water damage you may have to deal with but that they also have have highly qualified employees, they are easy to work with and aren’t too expensive.

All this shows that getting a good water extraction and restoration company should really not be a daunting task. All you need is a proper game plan on how to sift through all the available options.


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