Commercial cleaning services you should know about

Commercial cleaning is an area that any commercial building owner should be quite knowledgeable about. This is because it directly influences the profitability and lifespan of the building in question. That being said, the following are some common commercial cleaning services you should know about.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance

Carpets in commercial buildings are usually more durable in order to handle the high traffic they will invariably be subjected to. Such carpets tend to get unusual stains and damages; the kind that an untrained person cannot properly handle. Commercial carpet cleaning is where professionally trained individuals clean such carpets. A certified professional will usually follow the following procedure: Dry soil removal – This process removes relatively loose soil particles using a vacuum cleaner, special brushes and filters. Soil suspension and extraction – This is the removal of soil from the carpet fibers. Since these soil particles tend to be embedded deep in the carpet, chemicals meant to react with said particles while leaving the carpet fibers intact are used. The cleaner may heat or cool the carpet to facilitate this process. After soil suspension is done, the cleaner will then use absorption, rinsing, hot water extraction or vacuuming techniques to remove the soil particles. Grooming – This process makes the carpet look good. The grooming process is unique to the type of carpet in question but it usually involves working on individual carpet piles to prevent them from matting.

High dusting

This is where hard to reach parts of a commercial building are cleaned. Some of these spots include high, open ceilings, rafters and other places that are hard to clean safely. When such places are ignored, cobwebs and dust start piling up, the end result being bad indoor air quality, increased occurrence of respiratory diseases among employees, increased cases of vermin and bugs etc. In order to do this work safety and efficiently, high dusting professionals use lifts, ladders, high powered vacuum cleaners, scaffolds etc.

Restroom sanitation

The restroom is a highly trafficked area in any commercial building you should pay a lot of attention to if you want to increase happiness levels of employees and clients. It is advisable to thoroughly clean restrooms once a week, over and above daily sanitation procedures. Professional cleaners will usually start by scrubbing all the surfaces like toilet seats with an appropriate cleaning agent.  A thorough wiping of said surfaces usually follows. They may also unclog drains either using special equipment or by using  drain cleaners. Finally, germ killing cleansers are used on sensitive places like sinks and door handles. In order to make the restroom as presentable as possible, they will also hang up air fresheners and urinal cakes.

Tile cleaning

Most floor tiles usually require specialized cleaning procedures . Depending on the type of tiles being cleaned, a cleaner will use a rotary tool to get rid of the dirt and stains that result from high foot traffic. High pressure equipment and various cleaning agents may also be used depending on the size of the tile floor, seriousness of stains and the like.

Power washing

This is a type of commercial cleaning that uses a pressure washer to efficiently remove loose dirt, paint, graffiti etc. from a variety of surfaces like walls, cars, tarmacked surfaces etc. Water, which sometimes is mixed with chemicals, is blasted on said surfaces at very high pressure. It usually results in cleaner surfaces than if it were done by hand. It should be added that you should use the most qualified professional cleaners you can find. Having such work done well and safely will more than justify the extra cost.

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