Your floors say a lot about your business! What are your floors saying to your customers and employees?

 If you have traffic patterns, spills and spots on your floors…WE CAN HELP!

 Our carpet cleaning programs can provide your carpets with new life while removing visible traffic patterns, spills and spots.

 Our methods include steam cleaning, power scrubbing, low moisture cleaning and spot cleaning services.

 Steam cleaning Checklist

  • Pre-vacuum

  • Pre-treat stains and remove gum spots

  • Power scrub with pre-conditioner

  • Steam clean carpets with truck-mounted extraction system

  • Post treat any remaining stains

  • Speed dry floor

 Ask about reapplying carpet protector to your office carpets

Benefits to having carpet protectant applied to your floors

  • Prevents stains from setting in
  • Keeps dirt and soils on the surface of the carpet so that vacuuming will be more effective.
  • Can help extend time between cleanings
  • When combined with regularly scheduled cleaning, reapplying carpet protector can help extend the life of your carpet.