Don’t replace your carpet, RESTORE IT!

Cleaning Concierge specializes in restoring carpet colors including repairing bleach spots. Our specialists skillfully match the faded bleach spot remaining colors to the targeted undamaged colors via blending the perfect combination of all three primary colors. Even if your carpets are featuring intricate and colorful patterns, Cleaning Concierge technicians have the skills to recreate the patterns and restore the carpet back to its original glory. If your carpet has become marred with bleach, call in the experts of Cleaning Concierge to save you the time, aggravation and thousands of dollars in the alternative of replacing the carpet … and let us fix your bleach spot today!

How long does it take?

The time bleach spill repair takes depends on the size of the job and style/design of the carpet. Large spots are harder to fix than small ones. A job can range between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Repairing a bleach spot should only be attempted by a skilled and certified dye repair expert (that’s us!). We first have to do a fiber test to determine if your carpet and/or area rug is ‘dyeable’. Wool, Nylon, silk or silk blends, cotton & viscose are ALL dyeable fibers. Once that has been completed, we then need to neutralize any remaining bleach in your Carpet and/or area rug before doing the re-dyeing, otherwise, any remaining bleach can still strip some of the new dyes applied which can cause more color loss. We then will repair your bleach spot by creating a unique and perfected color formula consisting of 1-3 primary colors that will match the target color on your carpet and/or area rug. Call Cleaning Concierge to repair YOUR next ugly bleach spot!


What’s the cost of repair?

Bleach repairs are valued on the size and exactness required of the job. It can be generally assumed that repairing bleach on a carpet is going to be significantly cheaper than replacing it.

Have bleach spots in your carpets? General color loss?

Your carpets can be restored and with the exact color match. No need to replace your carpets after housekeeping mistakes or bleach spills. It does not matter how your carpets were damaged, it can be repaired and we can fix the color loss areas.

Color restoration is a permanent repair and an exact match.

No need to visit the flooring store to pick out new carpets. No need to move furniture or stop your life to replace the carpet.

Our color repair service permanently restores your carpets.

Call us today 504-298-8834 to have your carpet’s color repaired.



30 day no spill guarantee

Spots and spills will not return after Cleaning Concierge has cleaned your floors.